Mehanikus tables are industrial design inspired, crank drive height adjustable sit stand desks


Meticulously hand crafted
height adjustable desks,
working with style and precision


Our desks feature a sophisticated mechanism that allows for effortless precise hand adjusting of the desk’s height, while also being the attractive visual center of the desk. Suitable for sitting, standing and all heights in-between.


Made from aged steel and brass parts and paired with finest walnut wood top or tainted tempered glass top.

Aged steel is in its natural condition, not painted, but protected with special oil finish that allows for natural steel look and feel to be preserved while also being rust proof. All other parts are stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum or nickel, adding to the the luxurious feel to the desk.

Style and function

Mehanikus sit stand desks are designed in industrial style but with a modern twist that would suit a wide variety of interiors and spaces

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Improve your sit-stand
work routine with style

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